Boating Safety

Boating Safety

According to the American Humane Association, one-third of American households take their dog along on family vacations. And, if your trip includes the water -- whether you’re going fishing or just enjoying a ride on the boat -- there’s never an excuse for anyone on board a boat, regardless if they have two legs or four, not to wear a life jacket.
Written by Rachel Johnson | Photo courtesy of Ruffwear
The National Safe Boating Council is the lead partner for the annual boating safety campaign, Wear It! We believe it’s important for all boaters (even pets) to remember you can still have a great time boating while choosing to always wear a life jacket and boat responsibly. Keep these safety tips in mind.

You are responsible for everyone on board—two- and four-legged.
Before setting off for your trip, make sure everyone understands basic boating safety and is wearing a life jacket. For a dog, know if he can swim and how he’ll react to loud noises. Give the pet time to become familiar with the boat without distractions. If it’s the pet’s first time, keep the trip short so they can gradually get used to the boat’s movement.

Everyone, even pets, should have a properly fitting life jacket.
A life jacket that is too large or too small can cause situational problems. For your family and friends, make sure everyone’s life jacket is U.S. Coast Guard-approved. Life jackets for humans are not meant for pets.

For your pet make sure the life jacket fits properly. Pet owners should consider taking their pet with them to the store to try on the life jacket before buying, but be sure to call ahead to make sure that’s okay. Also, be sure you know your pet’s weight to check the weight limits of the life jacket.

Be considerate of your pet’s needs, and bring plenty of fresh water.
Make sure to bring plenty of fresh drinking water for your pet. It can get very hot while boating. Also, make sure your pet has a shaded area, such as under an umbrella. Remember, the boat’s surface can get very hot in the sun. Protect your pet’s feet, because the pads on their feet may burn.

Don’t forget to have fun while boating safely.
Pets will love spending time with family and friends on your boat. Just like for children on board, bring along toys for the pet to play with while boating. Want to make sure you’re choosing the best toy for a day on the water? Test it out to make sure it floats.

Rachel Johnson is executive director of the National Safe Boating Council, the lead organization for the North American Safe Boating Campaign, which is produced under a grant from the Sports Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard. For more information, visit

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