Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Don't let Fido be left out in the cold this Halloween -- these cute, canine costumes will most certainly have him doing tricks for treats! To help you get started, we've compiled some of our favorite costumes -- from do-it-yourself to off-the-shelf!
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Top Five Most Pupular Costumes for Fido!
Simba from the Lion King
Price: $26.99  $25.49 (save 6%)

Your dog will feel like the mighty king of the Pride Lands in this Lion King Simba Dog Costume. It comes with a full-mane headpiece and a shirt with an attached tail that’s easy to put on and take off your furry friend.


UPS Delivery Driver
Price: $19.99  $12.50 (save 37%)

Your canine courier will deliver the goods when he’s dressed in the California Costumes UPS Delivery Driver Dog Costume. This unique, high-quality pet costume is officially-licensed by UPS, so it features authentic company brand logos on the included shirt, cap and box. Stuffed arms with fuzzy fastener on the palms of the hands help hold the detachable box in place.


Majestic (and super cute) Lion Mane
Price: $13.99

Your pet will be the king of the trick-or-treat jungle with this impressive mane. It’s easy to put on with elastic drawstrings and sleeve design that secures around your pet’s head. Complete with plush ears and faux fur, your furry one can sport a majestic look to impress any pack or pride.


Yo Queiro Taco Bell! Taco Costume
Price: $0.00  $15.99 (save 20%)

Though not actually edible, you’ll want to gobble up your precious pup when you see him dressed as a taco for Halloween. This hilariously adorable two-piece costume features a soft, fleece bodysuit that looks just like a taco shell stuffed with all the right fixings–meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and more. A cute sombrero with an elastic chin strap completes this delicious design. 


Bantha Dog Costume
Price: $34.00  $16.99 (save 50%)

Transform your canine companion into Tatooine’s giant beast of burden with the Bantha Dog Costume. This one-piece costume is made from soft flannel fabric and features the large, distinctive spiral horns of a bantha that are stuffed with fiberfill to keep their shape. To complete the design, an intimidating 13-inch tall Tusken Raider sits atop his domesticated bantha.

Complete the 'pack' with the rest of the gang from Star Wars: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, R2-D2 and more! Click  here!

Check out hundreds of more costumes at Chewy.com!  

More Fun Costumes for Fido {Click on images to enlarge}

Safety First
While Halloween can be a howling good time for family members of all ages, it can be downright dangerous for pets – from toxic Halloween candy to pet costumes turned choking hazards. Sink your fangs into this scary stat from Petplan pet insurance: During Halloween week, pets are 84% more likely to visit the vet for raisin poisoning and 26% more likely to visit for chocolate poisoning.

Afraid of the Dark (Chocolate): Chocolate poses a whole pillowcase-full of problems for pets. While all chocolate is toxic to pets, dark chocolates are the most dangerous containing a higher concentration of toxins like theobromine and caffeine, which can cause diarrhea, vomiting and increased heart rate and blood pressure. It can even be fatal depending on the amount ingested. Milk chocolate has higher fat content which can trigger conditions like pancreatitis. The risk of chocolate toxicity during Halloween spikes 26% higher than at other times of the year. Be sure to keep the candy haul out of paws reach!

Raisin’ Hell: Some pet parents prefer to hand out raisins to trick-or-treaters instead of sugary sweets. While healthier for children, raisins are terribly toxic to pets – especially dogs. Even in small doses, raisin consumption can cause kidney failure. The risk of raisin toxicity is 84% higher during Halloween than at other times of the year. Be sure that any raisins are out of reach from pets.

Ghastly Get-Ups: According to the National Retail Federation, 16.2% of pet parents will dress up Fido or Fluffy this year. Be certain pets are able to breathe and move freely in their costumes and choose an outfit that doesn’t have extra pieces like legs, hats or pompoms, as dogs often mistake these choking hazards for chew toys. Remember, too, that pets can become overheated and dehydrated in their disguises, even in cooler weather.

When Witches Come Calling: If you’re expecting lots of ghosts and goblins to ring your doorbell, make sure your pet isn’t tempted to dash out the door. Consider setting up a room with water, food, toys and a comfy bed where your pet can stay safe and sound.

Wrappers of Fright: Foil, cardboard and paper wrapping can cause just as much mischief as the candy inside! If a pet snacks on wrappers, they can become stuck in his guts, causing an obstruction that often requires surgery to remove. After bingeing on bonbons, be sure to toss trash in a lidded can well away from sniffing snouts.

Party Time
Halloween can be just as fun for pooches as it is for people. Here are some tricks and treats for throwing a doggone good party that’ll have your furry pal and his four-legged buddies howling at at the moon. Read more...

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