Doggone Home Décor

Doggone Home Décor

Dogs are awful roommates. They don’t clean up after themselves, they never give you privacy and they are demanding. Yet, the ASPCA estimates that up to 47 percent of U.S. households have a dog. And, we wouldn’t have it any other way! 
Written by Kate Hudson | Photos by Emily Rieman | Click on images to enlarge
We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Melanie Carroll, a Seattle-based interior designer and fellow dog lover, to snag home organization and décor advice for dog owners. Having spent the last two decades designing home interiors and her experiences sharing her home with Cutter, a golden retriever, and Lincoln, a long haired dachshund (pictured here), Melanie understands the unique challenge of maintaining a beautiful home while having pets.

With these ideas and products, you can not only pamper your pooch, but also reclaim your home with easy fixes such as pretty storage solutions and multipurpose furniture, to flooring and textiles that can take the wear and tear of dogs. But to start, here are a few golden rules for the house as a whole.

When selecting wall paint, choose a semi-gloss. Smudges and stains easily wash off semi-gloss paint due to the durable finish. Likewise, easy cleaning is an important consideration in flooring. Hardwood floors make housework with pets less demanding and Virginia-based Hardwoof (pictured at top) makes beautiful wood flooring specifically engineered for dogs. The natural warmth and beauty of real wood, combined with the durability of acrylic, is how they create floors that can withstand the daily traffic of dogs that is 300% more dent resistant than standard wood flooring. Plus, there are 12 gorgeous finishes to choose from and you can order up to three samples for free at

If you prefer carpet over wood, pick one with synthetic short fibers that clean well. Natural fibers like wool carpet hold dirt and odors and beware of the loop weave of Berber carpet because it is prone to catch on nails. Lastly, opt for a rubber carpet pad. The moisture barrier prevents the absorption of pet messes for better extraction when cleaning and speaking of cleaning, Skout’s Honor Urine Destroyer breaks down urine stains and eliminates odors at the molecular level (

The Entryway. The entryway of a house is the first place that greets guests and welcomes you home every day—well, other than your pooch. It is important for this room to be ascetically pleasing while also functional as the place where you enter and exit with Fido. For instance, leash hooks don’t just don’t have to be utilitarian. They can complement your home or purposely designate that it is for the dog like a bone shaped hook. For a whimsical look, check out High Camp Home’s leash hooks (

Also important for entryways are doormats. Melanie recommends looking for doormats that absorb dirt and debris without blocking the floor’s breathability. Doormats by Soggy Doggy are well-designed and pretty like the cranberry with oatmeal bone ( design pictured here.

The Kitchen. It always seems like the party ends up in the kitchen. For our canine companions, the kitchen is the venue for water, food and treats. Keeping those items organized and tidy, is not always easy.

While water and food bowls serve a practical purpose, that doesn’t mean they have to be no-frills. Harry Barker’s line of bowls such as its stainless steel bowls to their decorative dog toile bowl are functional and charming ( Petware by Bauer Pottery is handmade in California and features lovely glazing and color like the Ringware Treat Jar and Dog Bowl (

For kitchens without a good nook to tuck away bowls and food storage bins, Melanie suggests built-ins with pull-out drawers as a trendy solution. These custom options can be integrated into any kitchen design and are stylish yet a compact way to organize bowls and store kibble. Consider yourself a chef? Take a look at P.L.A.Y.’s Home Cooking for Your Dog cookbook ($17.95) pictured to the right and available at

The Living Room.
The living room is often the heart of a home as a gathering point for relaxing, socializing and entertainment. Integral to the design of a living room is its furniture. Melanie advises that furniture be undemanding for cleaning when vacuuming or wiping it down like leather or microfiber.

From chairs, sofas and ottomans, Livable Home ( features furniture that is contemporary and pet-friendly with stain and soil resistant fabrics. Throw blankets are also a great option to safeguard furniture from pet hair and scratches. The corded fleece blanket by Tall Tails ( is perfect for the home, crate or car. The super soft, yet durable fabric pampers your pooch, is completely machine washable and dryable, and keeps your couch free of dog hair and drool. 

The Ruggable two-piece rug system is perfect for pet owners. The top layer attaches to a rug pad, allowing it to be removed and washed whenever you want. The rug pad is easy to wipe off with its water-resistant surface, and is non-slip so there is no need for an additional rug pad. As simple as bed sheets on a mattress, the Ruggable is designed to be repeatedly removed, washed and reapplied. Brilliant! Available in a variety of different designs, colors and sizes at
While most of us welcome our pups on the couch, if you prefer they stay off the furniture explore P.L.A.Y.’s matching dog beds and throw pillows for a consistent living room style. They've also partnered with Wine Barrel Concepts to create a series of customized beds that are specially outfitted from wine barrels. Indulge your pup with a sophisticated snooze on this artistically recycled piece of furniture for your home (

Melanie loves multipurpose furniture that provides dogs with a special place to feel safe and out of the way. Nooks under the stairs or a window seat with built in dog beds are a perfect way to customize a living space for individual dogs sizes and needs. 
You can also stash pet toys in a low drawer like the coffee table or entertainment center for easy pick-up. Toys kept in a drawer or double-duty furniture like a bench or ottoman with storage space, as opposed to a basket on the floor that is always accessible, enables a rotation of toys that keeps them feeling new and stimulating for your dog.

The Bedroom. We all want to wake up on the right side of the bed—especially if we share it with a dog. It’s been proven that bedtime snuggles is good for your health, because touch lowers blood pressure and heart rate for animals and humans alike. When your pooch cuddles on the bed, ensure linens are easily washable and invest in a throw to safeguard bedding. Big Sky Blankets made by West Paw Design in Montana, are a soft solution for saving the bed from dog hair. Pair it with a Big Sky Teddy and it will be sweet dreams for Fido (

Odor neutralizing candles are an attractive way to beat pet smells that can get trapped in the bedroom when the door is closed (or any room for that matter). Candles by NelliDesigns ( are made with eco-soy wax, an all natural vegetable wax without any additives, so they burn clean. It also offers the best scent throw so you can enjoy your candles’ fragrance to the fullest (pictured here along with original artwork by Seattle artist Angie Ketelhut (

The Yard. As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to dogliness (er, wait...) and a clean backyard is more enjoyable by all including Bowzer. Not only that, it’s important for the environment. Studies have shown (through isolating the bacteria in waterways) that 60% of wastewater runoff is contaminated with dog waste. Studies have also shown, that a single gram of dog waste can contain up to 23 million fecal coli form bacteria. This bacterium not only endangers the health of marine life, it also creates oxygen in waterways that increases the growth of waterweeds destroying salmon spawning habitats. In other words, scoop the poop. If you prefer leaving the dirty business to the professionals, then Pooper Trooper is the ticket. They will come to your house and pick up after your pooch at a reasonable price (

For some serious fetch time, GoDogGo’s G4 Fetch Machine ( is an automatic ball launcher and your dog’s new best friend. Three settings allow for variable launch distance, ranging from approximately 12 to 45 feet.

For some serious rest time, P.L.A.Y’s outdoor beds are great or stuff one of Molly Mutt’s outdoor dog duvets with old towels and blankets and kill two birds with one stone—helping the planet and your pooch (;!

Whether indoor or out, the options for providing a happy home for our hounds is seemingly endless and as the pooch population continues to grow in US households, so will the demand for products and services. CityDog promises to stay on the scent, keeping you and your pooch up-to-date on the latest and greatest products as it pertains to all things dog!
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